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[Reviews - 13] Printer
Summary: Without the pants, they are a Sisterhood still, and Lena is falling in love.
Rated: 13+
Categories: Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Characters: Bridget, Carmen, Lena, Tibby
Genres: romance
Warnings: heterosexual relationship, homosexual relationship
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
Word count: 1773 Read: 3485
Published: 6 January 2009 Updated: 6 January 2009
Story Notes:
Disclaimer: Ann Brashares owns the characters.
Warning: non-explicit girl slash and het
Written for: Lix in Yuletide 2008

1. Love is a Seasonal Thing by Carla [Reviews - 13] (1773 words)