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Story Notes:
Fandom: Chronicles of Riddick
Setting: Vaguely between Pitch Black and CoR
Warning: Masturbation
Written for: writercon100, a fundraiser for Writercon 2009

Kyra hears him when she fucks herself. The memory of his growl makes her quiver. It’s twisted, getting off on thoughts of a man who left her behind, but he’s all she’s ever wanted (and wanted to be – gets mixed up sometimes).

Her quim is hot, wet; her feet kick when she spasms her middle finger over her clit. She’s scarred; feels better, rough as hell. His touch would be the same, hands crisscrossed with history.

He left. He’s a killer. He’s all she thinks about still.

She pinches her nipple and comes, his name silent on her tongue.

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